New arcade exhibit at the Strong Museum

Posted at: 07/05/2013 6:07 PM
Updated at: 07/05/2013 6:15 PM

There's a new exhibit at the Strong Museum that your family can check out this weekend. The Boardwalk Arcade chronicles the history of arcade games.

You can check out some old time classics, like spinning the Wheel of Fortune, or trying your hand at Ski Ball. There are also plenty of pinball machines and some contemporary favorites like Fruit Ninja.

We're told this is a fun exhibit for kids and grown ups.

Sharon Hendrickson said, “I know my husband really like these games when he was younger. Donkey Kong, Mario, you can't go wrong with those.”

Shane Rhinewald, Strong Museum of Play, said, “We thought it would be perfect for summertime to evoke the feeling of being outdoors on the boardwalk but you don't have to contend with 80 or 90 degree weather or the rain we've been having a lot of around here.”

The Boardwalk Arcade will be at Strong National Museum of Play through September 8.