Multiple car break-ins on Oxford Street

Posted at: 07/05/2013 10:25 PM
Updated at: 07/05/2013 11:10 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Imagine coming out to your car in the morning and finding it has been broken into and your personal belongings inside are gone.

That's what the Rochester Police Department says is happening on Oxford Street.

News10NBC learned a text message and reverse 911 call was sent out this week to people who live in the area to tell them to keep an eye out.

What can people do to be less of a target for break-ins? On Friday News10NBC spoke to an auto security specialist about it.

They say it starts with common sense, but if people are really concerned, there are additional things they can do to secure their car.

News10NBC also went to the neighborhood on Friday to see how people are taking this news.

“There are alarms going off every once and a while and it seems they take a while to get turned off. It would seem people aren't paying attention,” said Ian Maroney.

Maroney has lived on Oxford Street in the city for almost three years. Lately, he hasn't heard about the car break-ins, but he has been a victim in the past.

“I had two mopeds stolen from me last summer. The first one wasn't locked up. The second they did cut through a lock or two, said Maroney.

News10NBC wanted to know what people like Maroney should do to prevent car break-ins, so we went to Auto Expressions in Greece. They install car alarms and other security measures.

“It's all common sense. Make sure you lock the doors to your vehicle. Please bring anything valuable into your home. Make sure you put your keys in a secure place inside your home. A lot of times people just set them in the garage. That's actually an open area for people to go ahead and walk in and actually obtain keys to the vehicle and it makes it a little easier for the criminal,” said Brian Wallace from Auto Expressions.

If you find yourself wanting to take more steps than just the common sense steps, Wallace has some tips.

“An alarm, like a vehicle alarm with a keyless entry might work, that way you can actually lock your doors and arm your car at the same time. That way it is completely covered against shock entry, or if someone breaks your window or tries to open your door from the inside. The alarms will go off, said Wallace.

While Jeanne Yacono was out for a run, News10NBC caught up with her. She hasn't ever had her car broken into, but now she knows this is an issue in her neighborhood.

I will probably take a look outside every once and a while to see if there is anyone questionable hanging around that I don't recognize,” said Yacono, who lives on Oxford Street.

As mentioned before, people who live on Oxford Street found out about the break-ins through a text message from police. That system is called Hyper-Reach.

It allows police to contact anyone registered to be living in an area, but you need to register your cell phone if you don't have a land line.

If you want to sign up for Hyper-Reach, click here.