Deputies: Mercy Flight needed after assault at Kid Rock concert

Posted at: 07/06/2013 1:11 PM
Updated at: 07/06/2013 6:43 PM

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office says a man was assaulted during a Kid Rock concert at Darien Lake and Mercy Flight was needed.

Deputies say 34-year-old Craig Lawson, of Ontario, Canada, was charged with assault after they say he punched another patron in the face knocking him unconscious. Investigators say the victim was transported to Erie County Medical Center by Mercy Flight. Lawson was arraigned in Darien Court and taken to Genesee County Jail.

Also arrested at the concert was 35-year-old Jordan Apps, of Fort Erie, Ontario, for criminal mischief after deputies say he punched a car window out of the vehicle. He was also arraigned in Darien Court and taken to jail.

Nine other people were arrested and issued appearance tickets for other crimes. These arrests come just two days after the Dave Matthews Band concert at Darien Lake that resulted in the arrests of almost 100 people.