IRS mistakenly post names and social security numbers online

Posted at: 07/10/2013 5:46 PM
Updated at: 07/10/2013 5:52 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

News10NBC found out that last week the IRS mistakenly posted a hundred thousand names and social security numbers online.

The IRS says the names and social security numbers belonged to people who had donated to certain not-for-profit groups. It took about a day for the IRS to realize the mistake before they took the information down. The IRS won't say which not-for-profit groups are involved.

So what can people do to find out if thir social security number and name were given out?

Brennan Redmond, Brighton Securities, said, “If you believe you have been a victim of some sort of fraud, or that your social security number is in the wrong hands, there is a couple things you should do. One, you should always monitor your financial accounts very closely, because that is what the "fraud-sters" are going after, your money.”

Brennan Redmond says you can also check your credit report online to make sure all your accounts are safe and that no fake accounts have been opened use your information.

News10NBC was told IRS Rochester office is not handling the investigation. We had an agent pass along my information to the New York City office that is handling it and they sent us this statement, blaming the not-for-profit organizations. “The IRS frequently and routinely reminds organizations of the public disclosure of these forms and urges them not to include personal information, including social security numbers, in their public filings. Following last week's development, the IRS is assessing the situation and exploring available options.”

If you think your personal information has been stolen, experts say you should keep an eye on your financial accounts. Criminals will go after your money. You should also check your credit report online. Below are links to help you do that for free.

Here are three trusted credit reporting agencies:

Also, if you believe someone is using your social security number, you should call the police and file a report.