Parent concerned over unauthorized school bus stop

Posted at: 07/12/2013 5:04 PM
Updated at: 07/12/2013 5:29 PM
By: Lynette Adams

A parents worst fear. That something could happen to their children when they're in the care of others. That's why a Rochester mom is making such a big deal about a Rochester school bus driver and monitor taking her daughter to get ice cream on the way home from school without permission. The girl is 12-years-old and a special needs student. The mom says even her daughter questioned if it was okay without asking permission.

The mom says this could have been completely innocent, but she says something about it doesn't feel right. Amanda Joyce says her daughter was the last child on the bus coming home Wednesday from summer school at BOCES when the driver and the bus monitor stopped at an ice cream stand.

Joyce says the three ate the ice cream on the bus, then the child was dropped off. The mom of six says she only found out because her daughter was excited and mentioned it. Joyce says the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became with the unscheduled stop. Even to this day, she says several calls and emails to the district have not been returned.

The principal at BOCES contacted the transportation department while Joyce was in her office. Joyce says she spoke to the assistant director and was told the bus driver was a longtime employee and would be told to get permission from a parent before giving her child treats.

Joyce says she couldn't believe the response.

News10NBC's Lynette Adams said, "What is it that isn't right, what is it that doesn't sit well with you?"

Joyce said, "He doesn't know her, he doesn't know me. It's the third day of school. He could be the nicest guy in the world, but that's also how you condition children to trust you and why just her, one student. It doesn't sound right."

No one with the Rochester City School District would go on camera for the story, but the district issued the statement saying, "We understand Ms. Joyce's concerns. We believe that purchasing her daughter ice cream was a well intended gesture, but their actions violated district transportation policy and we are addressing that."

Joyce says she doesn't want anyone to get fired, but says other parents should be aware that this happened. Her daughter has been placed on another school bus.