Two people charged in connection with Fairport teacher's death sentenced Monday

Posted at: 07/15/2013 10:41 AM
Updated at: 07/15/2013 11:23 PM

It was a case that captured the attention of our entire community. A well-known Fairport teacher, killed after she was hit by a motorcycle and a car last summer. On Monday, the people involved in that crash were sentenced.

Mark Scerbo, the driver of the motorcycle, was found guilty of manslaughter. Megan Merkel, the driver of the car, was acquitted on that charge, but found guilty of DWI. Both were driving drunk when they hit Heather Boyum, who was riding her bike along the side of Route 250 in Penfield.

On Monday, a judge said Scerbo will spend between seven and a half to 15 fifteen years in prison. He'll also have to pay restitution to Boyum's family, totaling $15,000.

As for Merkel, she won't serve any new jail time. Instead, the time she served while waiting for trial will apply. She's facing more than a thousand dollars in fines and won't be allowed to drive for another six months.

Both spoke at their sentencing, apologizing to Boyum's family for their actions.

News10NBC spoke with Boyum's friend outside of court.

“We just have the pain without the shock now. Last year, we had shock to sort of help us through. Now it's pain. I'm glad that what was done is done,” said Bonnie Venton.

Boyum leaves behind a family that includes her husband and two young children.