RG&E crews work to restore power to thousands

Posted at: 07/19/2013 9:34 PM
Updated at: 07/20/2013 11:11 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Thousands of people in the area are still without power after heavy winds and downpours moved through the area Friday night.

Rochester Gas and Electric says it could be one more day before power is restored across the area.

It's hard to believe more than 16,000 RG&E customers were without power at the peak of Friday's storm.

Even though the numbers are much better Saturday, thousands are still without power.

According to RG&E's website, there are now just under 800 customers in Monroe County without power. That's down from more than 3,000 earlier on Saturday. Irondequoit has the largest portion of those outages with 283.

More than 2,600 Wayne County residents are still waiting for their lights to come back on Saturday night.

News10NBC spoke with the company's spokesperson on Saturday.

It looks like many customers have to sit still for yet another day.

RG&E officials are asking customers to continue to be patient as workers try to restore power throughout the hardest hit areas.  

There were several officers working on downed power lines. News10NBC saw a crew working hard in Webster Saturday.

The biggest issue they are facing from the storm is downed power lines. RG&E officials say the high winds and lightening from the storms are to blame.       

News10NBC is told what's challenging for crews is this is not just one big outage in an isolated area. They can't just fix a grid and restore an entire neighborhood. Crews are dealing with individual incidents with complicated issues throughout the entire county.

So this is what is taking crews so long to catch up. They have to treat every issue on its own.

RG&E says they have brought in extra crews and will continue to work well into Sunday.

At this time, they estimate power may be restored to most of the homes by Sunday night, but there is no word when every one will be in the clear.

Now we all know to stay away from downed power lines, but customers are also urged to not go near any fallen trees or limbs. Officials say to bring in the professionals. A lot of times live power lines may be wrapped in the fallen trees and you may not see it.

Also, if you have an outage, RG&E says you can call 1-800-743-1701 for assistance. They urge you to keep calling until a crew shows up at your house.