Police chase turns into crash, five people injured

Posted at: 07/21/2013 10:53 AM
Updated at: 07/21/2013 7:31 PM

An overnight car chase in the city led to a three car crash which injured five people.

New York State Police say that this all began when a trooper and a Rochester Police officer attempted to make a routine stop in the area of Hudson Avenue and Roycroft Drive. The vehicle they attempted to stop was missing a taillight and had illegally tinted windows. When the trooper turned on his lights, officials say the suspect attempted to flee police.

Investigators say the vehicle traveled several blocks before hitting another car at the intersection of Alphonse and North Streets.

The impact of that crash caused the suspect's car to roll over and strike a house. The third vehicle was knocked off its original path and also rolled over and then hit a fourth parked car that had three people inside.

“They tried to stay within sight of the vehicle. The troopers are responsible for taking a number of factors into account, but given the brevity of the chase there wasn't even an opportunity for the trooper to call the chase off before this crash actually occurred,” said Lieutenant Jon Lupo, New York State Police.

Troopers say that five people were injured during the crash, but none of those injuries are considered to be life threatening.

Officials say the two suspects in the chase are in custody and that they had drugs and a loaded hand gun in the car.

The trooper and officer were working together as a part of Operation Impact.