Google Street View at the Strong National Museum of Play

Posted at: 07/25/2013 12:25 PM

You've probably heard about "Google Street View", but have you seen it used inside a building?

On Thursday, Google took "Street View" inside at The Strong. Google took pictures all throughout the National Museum of Play to show off Google's "Street View" technology.

The process involves taking 360 degree views at 40 different viewpoints throughout the museum. Each viewpoint has 12 photos taken, sot that's a total of 480 pictures by the end of it all.

The museum will serve as a worldwide case study for Google to market this new technology.    

Adam Hilker, certified Google photographer, said, "The pano makes it so you can interact better online, you can see exactly what you're doing. You can go right through it just like you're with your own eyes. You can zoom in, zoom out."

You'll be able to check out the indoor street view of The Strong within the next two weeks.