Dome Arena sale falls through

Posted at: 07/25/2013 11:44 PM
Updated at: 07/25/2013 11:46 PM
By: Lynette Adams

There's a bump in the road in plans to sell the Dome Arena and use that money to start a new festival.

Documents we obtained from the Monroe County Clerk's Office say the sale of the Dome Arena is off. In fact, the paperwork states the deal is null and void.

The paperwork states the sale did not close within the 150 days as outlined in the purchase agreement with Venmor Sports Facilities management that would have been by the end of March.

News10NBC wanted to know if this would have an impact on the new festival planned for Northampton Park and what happens to the sale of the Dome Arena?

When the county legislature approved the use of Northampton Park for the new festival, County Parks Director Larry Staub told the legislature that the Dome Arena has been sold, even though there had been no closing.

He also told the legislature the Fair Association was relying on money from the sale to pay for improvements at the park. Improvements needed to put on the festival.

News10NBC wanted to know with the fair only a week away if it will go on as planned and the Fair Association President says absolutely.

Sharlene Reeves, of the Monroe County Fair and Recreation Association says, "It's been clear from the beginning that the building and that sort of thing may or may not be done and we have paid for the improvements that have been made to the park. We have fulfilled what we can fulfill for this year."

Lynette Adams asked, "Do you think people should feel they've been misled?"

Reeves says, "No I do not. You'd have to be completely immersed in all the information that we have, that the seller has and there's just a lot of private things going on in business that people are not privy to and that's business.

Legislature Carrie Andrews says, "What the county told the legislature and the public was that there would be no fair until the $500,000 was deposited from this sale closing. So at this point that has not happened. It was said there would be no taxpayer funds to support this fair and the funding for the changes at Northampton Park and for the fair would come exclusively from the sale of the Dome and from the Fair Association. That hasn't happened so I don't see how this fair can move forward."

Reeves says the association has been meeting with Venmore Sports Facilities Management and has negoiated a new closing date for some time in September. In addition, she says buyer has handed over another good faith deposit. That is being used for this year's fair. She says the permanent buildings and other improvements will take place next year. The fair starts one week from Thursday.