Businesses prepare for PGA/Bills camp rush

Posted at: 07/27/2013 7:34 PM
Updated at: 07/27/2013 11:09 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Businesses, restaurants and hotels in Pittsford are already feeling the boost in business. Two of the area's most anticipated sporting events are expected to bring in millions of dollars.

How excited are you for Bills training camp Sunday and the PGA Tournament in less than two weeks?

With a $78-million windfall and the PGA generating more than 1,100 full and part time jobs locally, businesses are bracing themselves for the big rush.

The Greater Rochester Enterprise predicts that sports could score big in Rochester over the next month.     

One local business owner who says they are ready to score big. As a matter of fact, they've been feeling the boost in business already.

News10NBC checked many travel websites for several hotels throughout Pittsford and they all had the same message: “We have no rooms available for your dates selected.” That goes to show the economic impact of this training camp and PGA Tournament.

Businesses in Pittsford are ready for the rush.

Anyone who has traveled on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford knows very well of all the hotels, small businesses and restaurants. It is literally right down the road from the Oak Hill Country Club and from Saint John Fisher College where  the Bills training camp will be held for the 14th year in a row.

News10NBC stopped by a popular restaurant that is expected to have a very lucrative few weeks. The manager says they have stocked up on pretty much everything and they are pretty much ready for anything.

As a matter of fact, they have already been feeling the rush.

“For the last few months, we've been noticing people come into town for media day and then there's been people that work on the grounds, crews and merchandising that have come in too,” said “Brick” manager James Martin.

“So you've already seen the spike in business?” asked News10NBC's Joangel Concepcion.

“Oh yeah. The hotel next door said they've been booked solid for two years now,” said Martin.

“What kind of things are you doing to prepare?” asked Concepcion.

“We've put on extra staff. We usually close earlier. We're going to stay open later. We were thinking about getting some bands, but we haven't finalized that yet,” said Martin.

“So this is an opportunity to bring in the big bucks?” asked Concepcion.

“Oh I definitely think so. It's going to be a big boom to the economy here,” said Martin.

Pittsford is expected to be very busy within the next few weeks, especially that area on Monroe Avenue. That also means you should expect to see a lot of traffic.

News10NBC talked to the Department of Transportation on Friday. They have been fixing roads and are recommending all drivers pay attention to the signs they have been posting throughout the entire area. They are hoping less confusion on where to go for the tournament will alleviate any extra traffic.