I-Team10: State finds family's unclaimed money after I-Team investigation

Posted at: 07/30/2013 5:25 PM
Updated at: 07/30/2013 7:22 PM

If you've ever tried to get money from the New York State Office of Unclaimed Funds, you know how difficult, frustrating and time consuming it can be. But you also know that if you contact the I-Team, we're going to get you some answers to your problems.

This was a unique situation.

It involved stocks and dividends that belonged to the mother of the sisters that called I-Team10. For four years they got the runaround from the banks and the state. In about four days we got them answers and their money.

Today -- the State Office of Unclaimed Funds told the I-Team that they will be mailing a check to Adrienne and Lauren Giebel on Thursday. We talked to the sisters last week.

For years they say the banks and the state told them someone else had their mother's stocks and money. It was 322 stocks and somehow they were missing. But all of a sudden, after we dug into the problem and called the state and the banks, the state discovered it had the stocks in one of it's bank accounts all along.

The state told the sisters today they they'll be getting the money.

Brean: What would this money mean to you?
Adrienne Giebel: well it really actually is rightfully ours so trying to get it, it's been a struggle.

Based on the value of the 322 stocks, the Giebel sisters will be getting several thousand dollars.

We told the Office of the State Comptroller that people are complaining to us about the difficulty in acquiring unclaimed funds in their family's name.
Here's the statement from the State Comptroller's office:

"While some claims are easily processed, others may be more complicated and may require additional paperwork to confirm ownership."

Because of our investigation, the state found five other claims for the same stock. The state tells I-Team10 its expediting those claims.

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Do you have to pay to have the money released?

We get this question every once in a while. The answer is no. What's happening is that people are getting re-routed to a website that tells them they have to pay to get the money. It might be an ad that pops-up on your computer. If you see that, get off that website and start over.

Getting your unclaimed funds can take a while and you need documented proof but it is free.