App that centers around domestic violence

Posted at: 08/01/2013 9:37 PM
Updated at: 08/01/2013 11:28 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

This is a public service announcement for an app centered around domestic violence. It can help friends, family or even a victim assess the danger level of a relationship.

The app is from the One love Foundation, which raises awareness and educates others about abusive relationships. It's a simple concept. After answering a series of questions, the app tells you what level of danger the relationship could be in and options for help.

The app is for victims, their friends and families, even their co-workers can use it.

People who counsel domestic violence victims say the One Love app is credible. The app was developed with the foundation and John Hopkins School of Nursing. They took 20 years of research to compile the questionnaire. The 20 questions are many of the same ones used during processing at domestic violence clinics.

Jaime Saunders, Alternative for Battered Women, said, “It shows us how pervasive and how large of a community problem domestic violence is.”

The One Love organization was started in memory of Yeardley Love, the University of Virginia Women's Lacrosse player, who was murdered by her boyfriend in her apartment in May 2010. The app was launched by the foundation in September 2012 and since then has had more than 25,000 downloads.

Saunders said, “It's a wonderful starting point in terms of education and awareness in terms of starting to have these difficult conversations with a loved one.”

Jaime Saunders works at Alternatives for Battered Women. She says this app is a great tool, but shouldn't be the only one.

Saunders said, “Where the app can be a challenge, of course, is if the person is really in need, or really in a threatening situation, most likely this is not the tool for them. You actually need a human being which is where Alternatives for Battered Women comes in.”

Saunders says, in situations of domestic, or dating violence, getting help in person is the best bet.

Saunders said, “We all use technology, we use it when we are lost, we use it when we are feeling like we have a cold, so you go to the internet and see how you are feeling. But there is a limit to what technology can do for us.”

ABW says abusers can monitor their victim's phones through a number of methods, so if you think that could be happening to you, you would be putting yourself in more danger by downloading the app. However the app does, at the end of the questions and results, encourage the user to delete it.

The One Love Foundation Statement

"The One Love Foundation developed the app in conjunction with John Hopkins School of Nursing. The app is 20 questions that assess the potential danger of a situation and comes out of 20 years of research. The biggest goal is to get the app into as many hands as possible- victims, potential victims, friends and family of victims and potential victims- to educate and prevent violent situations. Since it launched last September we have had over 25,000 downloads. This coupled with the letters and emails we receive daily shows us that people are using this tool to get out of dangerous situations."

Kathryne Sandusky, Director of Events

One Love Foundation

Alternatives for Battered Women