City school students collect water samples from Lake Ontario as part of "Get Real" Science Camp

Posted at: 08/02/2013 2:33 PM
Updated at: 08/02/2013 6:04 PM

Ontario Beach has a long history of being closed down because of water quality issues. Some city school students had a chance to find out why this week.

The "Get Real" Science Camp was held at the University of Rochester. The camp gave students from School No. 3's Summer Program a hands-on experience with science. Students collected water samples to get to the bottom of Lake Ontario's bacteria problem.

Guiseppe Gulino said, "We walked the pier and we got water samples from the lake and the river and we found that the beach water is dirtier than the Genesee River."

Michael Occhino, camp director, said, "We hope that campers take away the understanding of what science is and gain a little more clarity about the messiness and tentative nature of science and that it's not just something they do in school but it really matters and it's something that has community implications."

The camp is run by education students at the Warner School. It also benefits them by helping them to think outside the box when it comes to teaching methods.