Emotional meeting for Bills linebacker and injured police officer

Posted at: 08/15/2013 12:06 AM
Updated at: 08/15/2013 6:19 AM
By: Lynette Adams

One Bills fan had an opportunity to meet the player he says helped him get through one of the worst ordeals in his life.

The Fairport native, who is a police officer in Virginia, says he was assaulted on the job back in May. Wednesday, he got a chance to meet face to face with the linebacker he says inspired him to get well.

It's not often you see two men hugging and showing emotion, especially a football player and a police officer. But a lot of that happened Wednesday night, when Jeffrey Meister and Buffalo Bills linebacker Arthur Moats met face to face for the first time.

“I’m Jeffrey Meister, nice to meet you man.”

This is a dream come true for Fairport native Jeffrey Meister. But it's not just because he's a Buffalo Bills fan. Four months ago Meister's family wasn't sure he would ever be here to do this, have a conversation, with his favorite Buffalo Bill.

Moats: How you feeling?
Meister: Everything you did for me was fantastic.
Moats: No problem baby.
Meister: I appreciate it. As long as I’ve been a Bills fan, you're the only one I’ve ever hugged
Moats: Well give me another hug then.

Back in May, Meister who is now a police officer in James City County, Virginia, answered a call. That's when he was assaulted by a suspect.

“He backed up his car and crushed me between his car and my car and he injured me very severely. And I ended up getting a broken pelvis and I broke my left arm,” said Meister.

He was airlifted to the hospital. His family didn't think he was going to pull through, but he says something happened that inspired him to get well.

“I just got this random message on Facebook from Arthur Moats, just wishing me well and hoping I was doing great. I informed him I was probably the biggest Bills fan in the world,” said Meister.

Over the next several months he and Moats kept in contact through texting and Facebook. Meister's goal was to get better so he could come here and meet Moats.

“He was instrumental in helping me recover from this sending me well wishes all the time,” said Meister.

Tonight's meeting, was an emotional meeting for both Meister and Moats.

Meister: I'm doing really well. This is my little son Ryan.
Moats: what's up?
Meister: this is Mr. Moats.
Ryan: It's my favorite team.
Moats: Nice. It's my favorite team too!

Moats said, “It's definitely means a lot to know you helped someone get through a hard time, and you know us being a position of privilege, you always want to reach out.  And anytime you hear something and you're able to just send him a message and that helped him get through, it definitely means a lot to me, and to see him today and hugging him, it definitely feels good.”

Meister came to Bills camp just to meet Moats and show him his progress. Meister said he was told his recovery could take months longer than it has. He's expecting to be back to work in a couple of months.