Sneak peek at Gantt Community Center renovations

Posted at: 08/20/2013 4:14 PM
Updated at: 08/20/2013 5:59 PM

It'll be a new place for city children to play and learn. The CEO of Windstream joined Mayor Tom Richards for a sneak peek at the changes being made to the Gantt Community Center. 

Windstream donated $100,000 to make the changes at the community center. Once completed, the community center will have music rooms and programs, a new computer lab, fitness center and even a fully equipped kitchen.

Jeffrey Gardner, President and CEO, Windstream, said,  "It's an incredible change and terrific vision. The architect has done a wonderful job here. As I said, I think it's going to make a huge difference. When you think about the technology, the opportunities for these kids to have some fun and study, it can really change this neighborhood."

The renovation project will cost about $2.8 million. The community center is expected to reopen sometime in October.