Local soldier honored in Pittsford

Posted at: 08/20/2013 11:43 PM

It was a big honor Tuesday, for a local soldier.

Army National Guard specialist, Issac Wieboldt, was honored in his hometown of Pittsford. He previously received the Medal of Valor, for his actions during Superstorm Sandy.

He and five other soldiers went door to door, rescuing nearly 30 people from their homes on Long Island, after a fire broke out. The water was too deep to get to fire hydrants, and many of the fire trucks were damaged, making it difficult to fight the blaze. So Wieboldt and his team evacuated neighboring houses in the fire's path.

"We ended up loading them into an old military fire truck and evacuating them. In the meantime the other firefighters jumped in another old truck they had and drove it towards the fire, creating a 12 foot high wall of water and ended up going over the fire and putting it out, so they were able to save the save the block pretty much," said Wieboldt.

The Medal of Valor is an award for service-members who display personal bravery or go above and beyond the call of duty.