Blood test for ovarian cancer could save lives

Posted at: 08/27/2013 8:49 PM
Updated at: 08/27/2013 8:59 PM

There is encouraging news about a silent killer, ovarian cancer.

It kills 14,000 people every year and most are diagnosed too late. There are few, if any, symptoms.

However, a new blood test could potentially detect ovarian cancer in its earliest stage.

Researchers had 4,000 post-menopausal women undergo a blood test that looks for a known ovarian tumor marker called "C-A-125."

The test had a low false positive rate. Seven women whose cancers were diagnosed as a result of the test were detected at an early stage.

Doctor Papa from the University of Rochester Medical Center joined News10NBC's Lia Lando to talk about the blood test that could potentially save lives.

To see the interview, press play on the video player above.