Are Pygmy Goats Pets? One Girl Thinks They Should Be

Updated at: 08/27/2013 12:43 PM
By: Networx

Photo: irkengirdib/morguefile.comWe're big fans of goats here at Networx. These handsome animals are great sources of both meat and milk, in addition to being totally adorable, and thanks to the rise in interest when it comes to microlivestock, they're catching on in a big way. Everywhere it looks, goats are helping with brush clearance, providing milk for hungry families, and, sometimes, raising controversy.

In Federal Way, Washington, a community located near Seattle, a young woman is turning heads with her advocacy for pygmy goats. She wants to see the animals reclassified as household pets so she can continue to keep her beloved Lillypad at home with her. Her goat is gentle and housetrained, and like pygmy goat relatives, Lillypad acts more like a cat or dog at times than a full-sized goat.

Her neighbors, however, aren't nearly as excited about the effort. In fact, they've been complaining about animal smells and noises from the family home, which they claim make it unbearable to be in their own backyards. Ava Anissipour is taking her fight to City Hall in the hopes of getting to keep her friends around, and the case will no doubt be followed closely by microlivestock advocates and fans.

Meanwhile, she might want to consider asking her mom to hire a Seattle-area landscaper to help make her yard a little more private. A shield of nice shrubs might help smooth the dispute with the neighbors!

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