Slaughter: Assad was a 'very peculiar man'

Posted at: 09/07/2013 4:10 PM
Updated at: 09/07/2013 4:38 PM

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says she hasn't made up her mind yet on Syria, but she did tell us about her interaction with the Syrian president in 2007.

Rep. Slaughter took part in a trip to Syria in 2007 with several other members of Congress. During that trip, the group met with President Bashar Al-Assad. She told News10NBC about her interaction with Assad.

"I had lunch with Assad," says Slaughter. "He was a very peculiar man at that time, strange."

Slaughter says she isn't sure whether or not the U.S. should attack Syria, but says she is listening to her constituents. She tells News10NBC will consider the opinion of the public before voting in favor of any strike. Of the feedback she has gotten so far, she says the vast majority is against an attack.

Slaughter says she is considering the possible ramifications that could come with a strike.

Slaughter says, "Is there a way to end it? Can we actually go over there and attack people and expect not to get attacked back? There are a lot of question I still have to wrestle with."

Slaughter says she doesn't expect to vote on the issue until the week after next.

"I'm going to leave tomorrow for Washington," says Rep. Slaughter. "I intend to read the classified material from one end to the other myself, before I actually make my decision."

News10NBC will continue to track the situation in Syria and keep you updated as it develops.