Livingston County Sheriff results

Posted at: 09/10/2013 5:56 PM
Updated at: 09/10/2013 11:20 PM

Livingston County Republicans and Conservatives have chosen their representatives for the November election.

Unofficial results show Sheriff's Investigator Tom Dougherty will be on the ballot for the Republicans in November, beating Undersheriff Jim Szczesniak 51-percent to 49-percent.

As for the Conservative Party just one vote separates the two, with Szczesniak bringing in 159 votes and Dougherty bringing in 158.

Depending on how absentee ballots turn out it looks like both men could be on the ballot in November.

The race for the job comes after current Sheriff John York announced his retirement last year. Earlier on Tuesday News10NBC asked both candidates what they see for the future of the Sheriff's Department if they are elected.

Jim Szczesniak, Livingston County Sheriff candidate, said, "I think as you followed this race, that was the one clear thing that everybody says we want to see change. the service delivered in Livingston County in phenomenal and we want to keep that safe service. things change, technology changes, society changes, so we are going to have change in the future but no significant changes to what service is being delivered here in Livingston County."

Tom Dougherty, Livingston County Sheriff candidate, said, "The biggest thing you're going see is cooperation between all law enforcement. The turf war's going to be done, you're going see the state police and the deputies all be able to combine together and make the best for the safety.  That's what it's all about, when we work together it's a win for the community."