RIT student creates new campus security app

Posted at: 09/13/2013 6:40 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

A 22-year-old RIT student created an app he hopes will improve safety and security on campus in our area and across the country. He created the "campus safe" app to better connect public safety officers with students.
It was inspired by the blue light security phones you see on practically any college campus. It gives students full access to campus security right from their smart phone. The goal is to cut response time during emergencies.
The new app is designed to help students whenever and wherever they are.  All they will need is WI-FI connection on their phone. 
If a student is in distress all they have to do is find the blue. But now a 22-year-old RIT student has made it even easier.
Eric Irish said, “Safety is a big thing and I said, 'why can't we combine our smart phones which we have in our pockets with the ability and the need to be safe.'”
Eric Irish has found a way to communicate on campus-quickly. With this new app, all you have to do is press the blue button on your phone if you're in trouble anywhere on campus at any time.
Irish said, “Instead of calling public safety and having a search go on for half an hour, we can give them an exact location and hopefully cut down on response time.”
The app can also help certain students who may need extra help.
Irish said, “A person if they are diabetic and have a health problem, they can cite that in their report and so first responders can arrive at the scene with that information.”
And it also makes some female students feel safe in certain areas. 
Sierra Williams, RIT student, said, “If I run the loop at night, I will generally run with someone else. That's the only time I feel a little creeped out. You're not always by the blue box so to have something that you can just look at your phone is obviously pretty helpful.”
Irish says the app is more than a blue button. 
Irish said, “Let say you need an escort, you're walking around campus late at night, you just put in your current destination, your location and we'll come with an officer to help you across campus.”                                                            
Right now, RIT is approving the product. If it gets the green light, the app is expected to change college security across the nation.
Irish said, “No promises right now, but hopefully it will be out here first.”
Since RIT has such a large deaf and hard of hearing population. They can use the app and send campus security a direct text if they need help and since it's all touch screen, they are able to get easier, direct services through the app.