I-Team 10 Follow Up: "He Sounds Convincing"

Posted at: 09/19/2013 7:21 PM
By: Brett Davidsen

A woman saw I-Team 10's story about a man who police say was collecting cash for a phony charity fundraiser, but she says he managed to get money from her in a different way.
Since the I-Team started reporting on William Bryan, of Gates, this week, we've heard from a lot of viewers who say they gave him money. Police in Brockport charged Bryan with petit larceny after he claimed to be raising money for MS Society. We're now hearing from others who recognized Bryan's face on TV and called to say they gave him money for a different reason.
Police say they've heard from at least 150 people who now claim William Bryan hit them up for cash under the pretense that he was collecting for an MS walk. 
Carolyn Broderick says she recognized Bryan as the man who approached her in the parking lot of a Henrietta movie theatre last spring. But she says he had a different story.
Carolyn Broderick said, "Then he came up and started pounding on the door, 'You gotta help me, you gotta help me' and so I rolled down the window a couple inches and said, 'What do you want' and he says, 'I need some money. My wife went into labor.'"
Broderick says Bryan claimed his car broke down and he needed cash to pay for a taxi to take him to the hospital.
Broderick said, “He was just so insistent and was right up tight to my car door. If I had backed up, I would have backed over his feet.”
Broderick says she gave him $40 just to get rid of him.
Broderick said, "I think I shook for half an hour in that parking lot. He just scared me so bad."
Bryan was charged last year for doing the very same thing in a restaurant parking lot in Brighton.
Brighton Police Captain Ryan Cline said, “He explained to the unsuspecting lady that his wife was in labor.”
According to court records, that woman gave Bryan $36 and contacted police after he failed to later send her a check as he had promised. 
Capt. Robert Cline said, "The nice lady offered to give him a ride to the hospital, but he said he already had the cab coming and that he really needed the cash to pay for the cab."
We've been unable to track down Byran for comment. What we'd like to ask him is where did the money go?
Capt. Robert Cline said, "He sounds convincing. And people believe him and as a result, he ends up with a few bucks." 
Brighton and Brockport Police have pending cases, but they are recommending that you contact the police agency in your town or county. Ultimately, the Monroe County District Attorney's Office could link them together and bring additional charges.