St. Louis School hosts ribbon cutting for newly launched early learning center

Posted at: 09/20/2013 12:46 PM
Updated at: 09/20/2013 3:41 PM

Parents have a new and improved choice for early education in Pittsford.
Saint Louis School celebrated the completion of its Early Learning Center on Friday. The three-year project required the school to remodel some of its existing classrooms, buy some new classroom equipment and completely overhaul its preschool education program.
We asked the school's principal what puts Saint Louis above and beyond any other school program. St. Louis School Principal Fran Barr said, "We certainly give the children the same academic curriculum that they're receiving anywhere else but most importantly we give them a faith-filled community. We pray every day. We teach the children to treat each other lovingly and kindly and caring and it's just the way of our school and the things that we do every day enforces those good character building qualities."
Since the expansion's completion, we're told enrollment at Saint Louis has increased 15-percent.
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