Hacker group claims to have broken Apple security on iPhone 5S

Posted at: 09/24/2013 6:25 AM
By: Associated Press

So much for security. A German hacking group is claiming that it can get around the fingerprint-based system Apple uses to help lock its new iPhone 5S.

The claim comes from the Chaos Computer Club, which says it was able to trick the phone's biometric sensor into accepting a bogus fingerprint. The group says it created a fake fingerprint with a household printer and wood glue. It's unclear whether the method requires a person to get a print of the phone owner's fingerprint to trick that person's phone or whether the dummied-up fingerprint can work on any phone.

Apple didn't respond to repeated requests for comment. A spokesman for Chaos says the hardest part of the hacking - was finding an iPhone 5S, which went on sale in the U.S. and Germany last week.