Arild Remmereit resigns from Rochester Chamber Orchestra

Posted at: 09/30/2013 2:50 PM
Updated at: 09/30/2013 4:47 PM

Once again, music conductor Arild Remmereit is putting down his baton.

Remmereit tells News10NBC he is longer with the Rochester Chamber Orchestra. Remmereit and the group just performed in the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival last week. He was slated to become the music director next season but says he submitted his resignation and it was accepted by the Rochester Chamber Orchestra's board.

This is the second time Remmereit has stepped away from the conductors podium. He was let go by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra after a two year stint and that move angered his supporters who rallied behind him.

This past May, Remmereit was hired by the Rochester Chamber Orchestra to eventually become music director when its founder David Fetler stepped down. But Monday afternoon, Remmereit told News10NBC it became clear just six months into the job that he and the RCO did not see eye to eye and he wanted to end it before it started.

Remmereit said, "It was important to step out of the way. This is David Fetler's orchestra. More and more I saw I was interfering with something that has its own life.”

Remmereit says, for now, he and his family will remain in Rochester. He is working on guest conductor dates. He also dreams of working with children and setting up a Frederick Douglass Symphony or youth orchestra in Rochester.