I-Team 10 Update: Social Security mix-up

Posted at: 10/04/2013 2:40 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

I-Team 10 has an update from an investigation we did two months ago. A decade ago, the Social Security Administration gave Jennifer Lavigne's Social Security number to a woman in Florida with the exact same name. Since then, Jennifer says she's been harassed by phone companies, credit agencies and banks about debt racked up by the woman in Florida. After she exhausted all of her options,  Jennifer came to the I-Team.

After I-Team 10's story aired, Jennifer got a letter from Social Security saying they've removed the Florida woman from her number and a letter from the bank saying they've wiped all the debt off her name and cleared her credit. 

Jennifer Lavigne, helped by I-Team10, said, “I just feel like I can go about and do things and get credit cards if I need them or loans or when I'm ready to buy a house not worried about being let down by that because of this whole issue.”

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