Facebook no longer lets users hide from search

Posted at: 10/11/2013 6:39 AM
Updated at: 10/11/2013 11:21 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Facebook is making changes again. This time, it's affecting your privacy. Facebook has taken away your option to hide your page, so people can't search you by name.

Facebook says this was a feature that only about 10 percent of its users took advantage of. But what they don't say is 10 percent means about 100 million people.

Kirsten Muckstadt said, “That makes me feel uncomfortable. It seems like a lot more work to keep things private.”

Facebook is putting your privacy, completely into your hands. The company is taking away the option to hide your page from strangers who try to search for you by name. So why are they doing this? Experts say it is all about money.

Mike Johansson, Department of Communications at RIT, said, “They have realized as a business they need to sell advertising, they need to know data on people. So they need to become a lot more open, so like it or not they have to do this.”

If you want your posts to be private, there are still things you can do. Go into your pages “privacy settings” and under the section “who can see my stuff?” You can make it so only people you are friends with will see your posts. Or when you're typing each individual post, you can change the privacy settings each time.

Muckstadt said, “It kind of makes me want to get rid of it, because that is kind of tedious to go through the privacy settings for each of your postings. I don't think I'm to happy about that.”

Experts say this is something Facebook has to do and if you want to use the site, be cautious.

Johansson said, “Facebook has to make money, it has to pay bills, so if you are using a social network, the expectation should be anything that you post, should or could be available to anyone else in the public.”

Experts say if you are on Facebook, make sure you check you privacy settings regularly, because the company makes changes there often.