Donald Trump for NYS governor?

Posted at: 10/14/2013 7:27 PM
Updated at: 10/14/2013 11:19 PM
By: Lynette Adams

Donald Trump is a real-estate mogul and host of "The Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC. But could his next home be the New York governor's mansion?  

One of our local representatives thinks it's a good idea for him to run for New York's top seat.

News10NBC spoke with Assemblyman Bill Nojay Monday afternoon.

Not only does Assemblyman Nojay think Trump is a viable candidate, he thinks he may possibly be the only candidate who could beat Governor Cuomo next year.

“He's not a candidate today. We have not discussed this with him,” said Nojay.

State Assemblyman Bill Nojay admits it's just a idea right now, but he says Donald Trump would be the perfect Republican candidate to run against Governor Andrew Cuomo in next year's gubernatorial race, should Cuomo decide to run again.

“There are other people who would make great governors, but there are not very many other candidates who would have checks in all three of those boxes. Donald Trump really stands apart from other candidates because he's ready to go now. He'd be a great candidate in 2014,” said Nojay.

Those three boxes are money, name recognition and strong ideas. Nojay says few other candidates would be ready to take on Governor Cuomo.

“New York is a big state geographically. It's also an expensive state to run a campaign, so finding a statewide candidate to run for, whether it's attorney general or state comptroller, no less, governor is much easier said than done,” said Nojay.

Nojay sees Trump as the man who could triumph despite all that.

But what do voters think? Some say it's a joke.

“It would be rather comical to have him as governor. It's a circus like everything else these days,” said Mary Pensky, Brighton resident.

“I think it's a marvelous idea. He could take all the debt we've accumulated, file for bankruptcy, dump it all on the banks, start over fresh without any debt at all,” said Steve Pensky, Brighton resident.

“I think he would be a good governor. Anybody who has been successful in business over this long period of time over the years has proven himself to be a great leader,” said Jay Simms, city resident.

There is one problem with this idea, getting "The Donald" to agree. When asked about this on a morning news show, Trump said he's not particularly interested.

News10NBC did reach out to County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle for his reaction are was told he was not available to comment.