Mayoral candidates talk jobs, crime

Posted at: 10/19/2013 6:25 PM
Updated at: 10/19/2013 11:17 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Crime and jobs are two hot topics in the city of Rochester and one candidate for mayor says he has a plan. It's a plan to keep teenagers off the streets.

Green Party candidate Alex White is calling it the "10 p.m. Plan." He says it centers around providing jobs for teens.

If elected mayor, White says he would offer summer jobs to students who maintain a passing average throughout the school year. They would work on community improvement projects throughout the city.

When summer is over, White says under this plan the city would pay students $20 a week if they maintain good grades. He says the city would pay half the cost of student salaries.

Alex White told News10NBC he believes his plan will have an immediate impact on teens in Rochester. Although it will cost the city millions, he considers it an investment in Rochester's youth.

“As long as our children see the streets as a better option for a good life than school, our city will falter. The solution here is not more enforcement or charter schools. The solution is more jobs,” said White.

When White unveiled his "10 p.m. Plan," he did it on the corner of Avenue D and Joseph Avenue. He says he did that for a reason, since this is an area that faces a lot of challenges.

This is one of the areas he will be targeting. He says there are plenty of teens in need that will benefit from his plan. He calls it a different approach to reducing crime and creating jobs.

The plan will cost the city roughly $8-million a year. He says it is a lot of money, but it should be considered an investment in Rochester's youth.

When it comes to his opponent, City Council President Lovely Warren, she released her plans on education, public safety and economic and community development earlier this year.

This is what she had to say about teens and jobs.

“Year round jobs for youth. I think it's really important to provide those jobs to our young people, because it gives them an opportunity to not only learn a skill, but also develop those workforce development opportunities themselves. It's also important, and we noticed that during the summer time when many of our youth are employed, that crime among youth goes down,” said Warren.

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News10NBC will have full coverage on election day, November 5.