Toxins Stalk Miami Parks

Updated at: 10/17/2013 1:43 PM
By: Networx

Photo: Bryan Sereny/Flickr.comIn cities across the United States, toxins lurking in the backyards of residents and under the grass of public parks are an ongoing problem. This problem can be attributed to historically sloppy practices with pollutants, changing land uses, the presence of nearby industrial zones, and inadequate enviromental protections, and the end result spells bad news for people, pets, and plants in the area.

Miami has recently been shaken by a number of revelations about toxins present in the soil of public parks, those same spaces where parents take their children in the belief that the fresh air and greenery represent safety and a fun time. As citizens rally to get soil tested and pressure the city to clean up its parks, they're highlighting a common issue: many people don't know what's in their backyards.

Miami landscapers can collect soil samples for testing and work with property owners on determining whether toxins are present and how to fix them. For your sake as much of that of future generations on the property, take the time to find out whether your yard is making you sick!

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