New York State Exposed Follow-Up: Why are New Yorkers leaving?

Posted at: 10/22/2013 7:42 PM
Updated at: 10/22/2013 7:58 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Job are one way New York state can keep homegrown talent and their money here. RIT could be leading the way.

During our exclusive New York State Exposed story Monday, News10NBC mentioned that when it comes to people picking up and moving to other states for jobs, no state loses more than New York.

What do you do on your smartphone when you have some extra time? If you play any games, you are contributing to a $5 billion industry. The modest goal set at RIT Tuesday makes New York the number one place in the world for that.

Dustin Kochensparger is a student at RIT's Magic Center where they design video games like Momento.

The problem is when Dustin and his friends graduate, they have to take their games and their money to the west coast. That's where the jobs are.

Kochensparger said, “They're in high demand, they get snatched up by a lot of the west coast companies right away because people do want RIT students.”

According to the Tax Foundation, over a decade, New York State lost more than $45 billion in income that moved to different states. So how do you stop this?

Brooklyn State Senator Martin Golden chaired a hearing at RIT's Magic Center. The goal is to make New York the number one place for video gaming in the world.

Senator Martin Golden, (R, Brooklyn), said, “Keep our young graduates here. There's no reason for them to be going out to California or Las Vegas.”

So how do you do it? Senator Golden says tax credits, giving gamers breaks on corporate, small business and income taxes.

News10NBC's Berkeley Brean asked, “Does that mean more spending from New York, does it mean you take less tax money in?”

Sen. Golden said, “It believes we don't have something now so it can't be less, it can only be more.”

Brean said, “But you don't get something for nothing.”

Sen. Golden said, “No, but you do. I got to be honest with you. What you're doing here is making the investment. If you don't invest in the actual process of these gaming, the individuals that start these companies, they're not going to be here. It's lose lose for us.”

So News10NBC asked Dustin would it work?

Kochensparger said. “I think it would be very easy to see them staying around here if there were opportunities for them to work.”

The state did the same thing for the movie and TV industry. It's the reason the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” will be in New York.

California gets more than $2 billion in revenue from the video gaming industry. Right now, New York is at $240 million.