Former SU star Lawrence Moten named coach of Razorsharks

Posted at: 10/31/2013 6:56 PM
Updated at: 10/31/2013 11:31 PM
By: Stephen Bond

For the past five years, you could find Syracuse Basketball's all-time leading scorer in a Maryland gym, teaching physical education and coaching a girl's middle school team. Starting December, you will find Lawrence Moten coaching the Razorsharks.

The all-time leading points scorer at Syracuse University is making his return to basketball. Along with the high socks, Lawrence Moten was introduced as the Razorsharks next head coach.

Lawrence Moten, Razorsharks Head Coach, said, “I pretty much know Rochester, I have some great friends here, ex-teammates and just looking forward to this opportunity. I really feel like it was a perfect fit for both.”

The 6-5 guard left the Syracuse hill not only as the school's leading scorer, but also the Big East's all-time leading scorer. And Moten says he jumped on the opportunity to return to New York basketball.

Moten said, “Being close to the Syracuse area, I know the area, I know the talent that is here, I do know that there is some great players here in Rochester, in this area. And it is very important that we tap into that.”

Moten says many of his former teammates have reached out with advice including his former mentor Coach Jim Boeheim.

Moten said, “I just thanked him for learning from him as far as the coaching style and his way of coaching and his personality. Coach is a great guy, I consider him like a father.”

And even though it has been a while since he's played, the new coach says he may steal a few plays from his old coach.

Moten said, “Don't rule a zone out. Don't ever rule a zone out.

Fans will have a chance to see the new head coach just before the new year when the Razorsharks open the year.