Local company forced to change product because of SAFE Act

Posted at: 11/08/2013 3:43 PM
Updated at: 11/08/2013 5:39 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

A local business is forced to make an expensive decision after the New York SAFE Act made the gun they build, illegal. 

A pistol grip is preventing “Just Right Carbines” in Canandaigua from selling its gun in New York State. They made the difficult decision to change their gun after taking a financial hit because of the New York SAFE Act. It was signed into law back in January. The law requires federal background checks for all gun sales, magazines can only hold up to seven rounds, private sales now require checks by a licensed gun dealer and all-guns must be stored away safely in a case. 

The small company is still feeling the burn, almost a year after their gun was banned by the state. 

Tom Farnogli, “Just Right Carbines” Co-Owner, said, “When the SAFE Act came in, they made it impossible for us to do business in the state so consequently we lost revenue.”

It was important for Tom Farnogli and his partners to stay in the area. After all, 80 percent of the parts used to build the gun are made locally, so now they have created a new version that seems to be “SAFE Act proof”.

Anthony Testa, :”Just Right Carbines” General Manager, said, “It looks a little weird, but when you hold it in your hand and you grip it like it is meant to be shot, it actually is a very comfortable grip.”

The change didn't come easy.

Farnogli said, “We've spent numerous hours and thousands and thousands of dollars just so we can make this happen just so we can do business in New York State.”

The owners say, since the SAFE Act isn't very specific, they had several government officials look at their design to make sure it didn't violate the act. The company has already been selling the gun to local shops. So far, so good.

Farnogli said, “We made all the changes we can possibly make to comply with New York state law. That's all we're looking for is a fair state to do our business. Nobody said it's not legal so we're continuing on our quest.”

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