Webster church finds marine's letter from 1919

Posted at: 11/11/2013 7:32 PM

An unusual discovery for some folks at a church in Webster and it came just in time for Veterans Day. 

While sorting through their books for their annual book sale, people at St. Martin's church in Webster found a letter written by a marine in 1919. The letter was addressed from a marine stationed in Germany in 1919 to his aunt, who lived in Ohio.

1919 is right after the first World War I, but before the Peace Treaty was signed. 

Mary Lou Alexander said, "I was absolutely amazed. The more I looked at it, the more I thought this has got to be something special to somebody and what we'd really like to do is find the family, we're trying to do some research to find the family, because I'd like to return it to whomever, the family members that are left."

The people at St. Martin's have already reached out to the historical society in the town where the aunt and uncle lived. They're waiting to hear back on any connections they're able to make in Ohio and will hopefully be able to get the letter back to the family that way.