Remembering the "White Hurricane" of 1913

Updated at: 11/13/2013 1:18 PM
By: Networx

Photo: Jason Persse/FlickrFrom 7 to 10 November 1913, the Great Lakes Basin was battered with hurricane-force winds that came complete with a heavy load of snow, burying cities like Cleveland (look at this amazing slideshow of historic photos for a glimpse at the experience) and making history. Living in a modern world of troubling natural disasters, many of us have forgotten about the so-called White Hurricane, but it might be wise to take a few lessons from it.

The severe weather demonstrated how ice and snow can bring communities to a halt for days, making it difficult to get assistance to families and facilities that need it. Disaster planning is essential for individual families, including setting up a central meeting place in case you get separated; stocking food, water, medicine, and other essentials; and making sure your home is snugly insulated and secured to help it survive the weather. Cleveland roofing professionals can help you with tasks like making sure your home is ready for high winds and whatever the weather has to offer, so you can survive to tell the tale if another epic storm strikes the Great Lakes region.

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