Cincinnati's Winter Shelter Needs Your Help!

Updated at: 11/15/2013 9:14 AM
By: Networx

Photo: dickuhne/FlickrCincinnati get cold in the winter. Extremely so. That's why the city, like many others, has a winter shelter for members of the homeless community to get in off the streets so they don't develop health problems from exposure to extreme weather. Unfortunately, the shelter is dangerously underfunded this year due to a drop in donations and other issues, and isn't projected to open until January -- long after the cold, long nights begin -- unless the funding can be increased.

As Cincinnati HVAC technicians know, being out in the cold is no joke. Members of the public are being asked to support the shelter with donations large and small, as well as to encourage employers and other large entities to consider donating too. While the shelter urgently needs funds to manage costs like fuel and staffing, in-kind donations may also be considered.

Up to 91 people each night can be offered a bed out of the cold through the late fall and winter months, which is a compelling reason to donate or find out if there's a winter shelter locally that needs your help.

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