I-Team 10 Investigation: Victim of "Knockout game?"

Posted at: 11/27/2013 6:16 PM
By: Brett Davidsen

By now, you've probably heard of the 'knockout game." That's where people sucker-punch total strangers just for the fun of it. A young Rochester man walking home from school says he believes he was a victim of that type of random violence. 


The “knockout game”, as it is called, appears to be spreading across the country. Rochester Police say they are on the lookout for cases in Rochester. But I-Team 10 stresses that, at this point, Anthony Brooks isn't exactly sure if he was the victim of this dangerous, violent game. But he has no other explanation for why two men came up from behind him and hit him in the face.

Anthony Brooks said, “I think it's more like a cowardly game. Just for you to run up and hit somebody that's just minding their own business, having not said two words to you. It kind of makes me upset."

Brooks's face is covered with scrapes and bruises. He said this happened on Monday afternoon around 4:15p.m. The 18-year-old said he was walking home from classes at the MCC's downtown Damon Campus. He was on North Clinton Avenue in front of Baden Street Recreation Center and School No. 9 when he says he was hit from behind by two young men. After that, Brooks says he blacked out for awhile and doesn't really know what happened or how many times he was hit. But he says it doesn't appear to have been a robbery. He says he had a laptop, cell phone, a wallet with a few bucks in it and a backpack, none of which were taken.

Brooks says he didn't recognize the men and says he had earphones in so he didn't hear if they said anything to him. He believes his attackers may have been playing the “knockout game”. Often times, the attacks are recorded and the videos posted online. Brooks says he now finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder.

Brooks said, “Constantly, now it's like, I don't really like when people walk behind me because, you know, I kind of start panicking. Maybe I'm thinking that it might be one of the people trying to play this game and then it's kind of like a constant paranoia all the time.”

Rochester Police do have a report on this incident. But a Rochester Police Department spokesperson says they do not believe Brooks was a victim of the “knockout game” and described the incident as being more like a fight between three people. Further, police say there's been no indication that any “knockout” cases have occurred in Rochester and are reviewing each assault case as they come in.