I-Team10: High speed chase suspect reached speeds of 81mph on city street before crash

Posted at: 12/05/2013 12:04 PM
Updated at: 12/05/2013 6:06 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Court papers say high speed chase suspect Charles Domicello accelerated to 81 miles per hour on Blossom Road as he tried to escape from police. 

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Macedon Police pursued Domicello and the two women in the pick up truck police say he was driving after police suspected them of shoplifting at the Macedon Walmart and and liquor store next door. 

The chase started at the Walmart parking lot and ended 18 miles away when police say Domicello crashed the truck into the SUV of an off-duty Rochester deputy fire chief on E. Main Street in Rochester. Deputy Chief Martin McMillan is still recovering from serious injuries at Strong Hospital. 

Domicello is in satisfactory condition at Strong. A hearing in city court today was waived. The case is now going to the Monroe County Grand Jury. Domicello is charged with assault, fleeing a police officer and reckless endangerment. He is facing similar charges as well as burglary in Wayne County. 

According to the court documents obtained by I-Team10 today, Macedon Police Officer David Demchuk said in a statement that Domicello "exceeded the speed limit of more than twice the legal limit reaching speeds of 81MPH" on Blossom Road. 

The statements by Officer Demchuk and Macedon Chief John Colella say after Domicello got off the I-590, he speed down Blossom Road, north on Winton Road and then west on E. Main Street. The police statements say the police got caught behind a tractor trailer on Main Street. When they got around the truck, they "could see a cloud of smoke down the road where we rushed to the scene of the accident."

Police dealing with crimes committed mostly by people from Monroe County

The taxpayers in Macedon, Wayne County are paying their police to handle crimes committed mostly by people from Monroe County. 

Last week, three people from the city accused of shoplifting at the Macedon Walmart and they led police on a high speed chase that ended with a violent crash back in the city. 

It's not the first time a high speed chase from Macedon has come through the city. Seventy to eighty percent of people arrested for shoplifting and burglary in Macedon live in Monroe County. More than half live in the city. The chief of police says he's sick and tired of this happening. 

All the defendents in the chase and crash last week in the city lived in the city. All the numbers show that eight out of ten times that Macedon Walmart and the other retailers among that stretch of Route 31 get hit by people who live in Monroe County.

Berkeley Brean asked, “Is all of this traffic from Monroe County stopping you from dealing with other problems, crimes in the town of Macedon?”

Chief John Colella, Macedon Police, said, “It does take away from time. We're not able to be as proactive in patrolling then entire town when we'd like to be, when we have two of our officers constantly tied up in arrests and processing of individuals and transportation of them.”

Brean asked, “So what do you do to stop it? What's the deterrent?”

Chief Colella said, “We're seeing more stringent prosecution, and sentencing of individuals here. If individuals travel to this county from another county and they have a prior petit larceny or grand larceny convictions, they're seeing stiff sentences, minimum nine months in the county jail.”

Chief says the perception is that Route 31 is an easy getaway and that there isn't as much security as Walmarts in bigger towns. He says the same trend is happening at places like Eastview Mall in Ontario County. Most of the shoplifters come from Monroe County. The Ontario County Sheriff's Office said they don't track those stats.