I-Team 10 Investigation: New details into Monroe County corruption case

Posted at: 12/23/2013 4:44 PM
Updated at: 12/23/2013 5:19 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

For the first time, News10NBC can show you some of the details into a multi-million dollar corruption case in Monroe County. This is the case where four men are accused of rigging public projects and, in some cases, stealing taxpayer money. Robert Wiesner, husband of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, is one of the four men indicted. He's charged with two counts of bid rigging. 

News10NBC has the reports of when investigators interviewed two of the other defendants, former county IT director Nelson Rivera and accountant John Maggio. 

John Maggio is facing 10 counts including bid rigging and money laundering. In September, he was interviewed by state investigators. They questioned him about a series of checks they uncovered in search warrants. One check was for $25,000 from a company called Navitech to himself. Maggio was Navitech's Chief Financial Officer. The state says Navitech was one of the subcontractors at the center of the corruption case. 

According to the paperwork, Maggio said, “I don't remember what it was for.” The paperwork says Maggio had no explanation for the $25,000 check issued, endorsed and cashed by him. Maggio's attorney says the check was not cashed. It was deposited into another business account in the ordinary course of business.

The check was one of six made out to Navitech or Naggio that investigators confronted Maggio with during the interview. The state says Maggio and co-defendant Dan Lynch conspired to launder roughly two million dollar through payments from Navitech to a company called Treadstone, which was created and owned by Dan Lynch.

Dan Lynch is facing the most number of charges. He is facing 25 in all. 

Maggio's attorney says these checks are all on the level. He says if the attorney general's office followed the paper trail, they would have known that. 

Part of the alleged crime is that these men got together and schemed to get public projects to certain companies, some of which they owned.