Incandescent light bulbs to phase out starting Jan. 1

Posted at: 12/26/2013 2:13 PM
Updated at: 12/26/2013 11:07 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Starting January 1, two of the most popular kinds of light bulbs will start to be phased out.

The 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs will be eliminated because they don't meet new energy efficiency standards.

So what are our options and what will this mean for us?

Well the 40 and 60-watt bulbs you're used to won't be suddenly gone from shelves when you wake up on New Year's Day, but they will not be restocked after that. So once the stores are out, they are out.

This is all part of a push to be more energy efficient.

Replacing these bulbs are CFL and LED bulbs.

Starting January 1, the federal government says any light bulb that is sold needs to be at least 28-percent energy efficient.

So how will this change the lighting in your home?

Some complaints with the new lighting options are the bulbs take more time to get as bright as the old ones.

“CFLs are getting better. The LEDs are just like a regular light bulb. You turn them on and they are bright right away, so it is just like a regular light bulb, but you have options on color tones,” said Barb Bray, sales associate at Home Depot on West Ridge Road.

There are displays in home improvement stores where you can test the different options to find out what tone you like best. If you have a dimmer switch, there is a light for you. Experts say make sure you read about the bulbs and get the right switch so it works correctly.

So what about the price tag?

These light bulbs may cost you more, but in the long run experts say you will save energy and money.

“LEDs are still a little expensive, but they are coming down, and CFLs have come down a lot too and you will save a lot of money once you use them,” said Bray.

News10NBC is told there are certain LED light bulbs for outdoors, or flood lights.

People's reactions to this news is all across the board. We found out some people are even stocking up on the old bulbs while they are still available.

But other people have switched over to LED a while ago. News10NBC is told some LED light bulbs can last for 20 plus years. It all depends on how long you use them each day, but it does say the estimated time they should last on the box. Each box will also tell you just how much you can save by switching to that bulb.

Either way, on January 1 we will be on our way to becoming more energy efficient in our homes.