Have you seen your tax bill yet? Did you get an increase like this?

Posted at: 01/10/2014 11:07 AM
Updated at: 01/10/2014 5:27 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Some homeowners in our community are getting a huge shock when they open their town and county tax bill. The tax to get snow plowed off some county roads is up 80-percent and that translates into hundreds of dollars.

You should take a moment and look at your town and county tax bill. The line you want to find is about halfway down -- it's called County Services to Localities. That's the money you pay to have your county roads plowed and that’s where people in the Town of Riga are seeing an 80-percent increase.

This came to our attention from a woman named Alicia Thiers, an employee here at News10NBC.

We looked at her tax bill and how it compares to last year. For County Services to Localities, the 2014 tax bill shows an increase of 78.9-percent and that means they have to pay $529.  Last year's bill shows the total was $299. That’s an increase of $230.

We talked to other homeowners in Riga and they told us they're seeing the identical tax increase.
They didn't want to talk on camera. So how could this happen?

We went to the Riga Town Supervisor to get answer. He says the county told him last year they under-estimated how much it would cost to plow the county roads in Riga. So this year they're making up the difference.

Supervisor Robert Ottley: “So it's kind of a double hit that our residents are getting. They're making up for last year and they're paying a new adjusted rate for this year.”
Berkeley Brean: “How do you think the county underestimated by a factor of 80-percent?”
Ottley: You'd have to ask the county. I have no idea.”

We asked the county to explain this 80-percent increase in the tax to plow county roads in Riga. How could the estimate be so wrong? We are still waiting for an answer.