African American and Hispanic communities raise awareness about impact of abortion

Posted at: 01/14/2014 12:15 PM

A movement is under way to raise awareness about the impact abortion is having on the African American and Hispanic communities in Rochester.

Representatives for the "Am I Not a Child?" campaign say in as little as 70 years the black population will be half of what it is today, with 36 percent of black pregnancies ending in abortion. 

They also say abortion rates among Hispanics have increased by 67 percent in ten years. Campaign spokesman Dr. John Walker says he wants people to choose life, even under difficult circumstances.  

Dr. John Walker, Faith Christian Center, said, "The message that we're saying is we're asking people to consider that poverty is not worse than death and so if you have a choice, people tell you that having a child out of wedlock or under unusual conditions is bad or hurts your life, remember that having life is still a better option."

The "Am I Not a Child?" campaign will be spreading its message in a televised PSA during Black History Month.