Dr. William Lewek's attorney speaks to News10NBC

Posted at: 01/17/2014 11:26 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

We have learned Doctor William Lewek has hired Matt Parrinello as his attorney.

Parrinello said right now his client is holding up the best he can, but is rattled by these charges. He says he doesn't know how police were called to the house on Rowley Street or what sparked their investigation.

News10NBC’s Amanda Ciavarri asked Parrinello, “What has Dr. Lewek admitted too?”

Parrinello responded, “I have not had any significant conversations with him about the facts of the case. I have only seen what you folks have seen, regarding what they are alleging that he said. I have not seen the police reports, or the felony complaints, so I don't know wither or not there is a signed statement or an oral statement at this time, or exactly what this says.”

Parrinello says he just started looking into this case, and that he was hired early this afternoon.

Ciavarri asked him how Lewek and Matthew Straton knew one another and Parrinello said he doesn’t know. And that in talks with the district attorney's office, it isn't clear right now how the two were connected, or even if they were.

“Right now all we have is a body found outside of a home, and that is it. We don't know how the body, ultimately got there at this point in time. He is presumed innocent. There are no allegations he was involved, what so ever in the death. We don't know how this gentleman died, all we know is that the body was found outside,” said Parrinello.

Parrinello says right now they are waiting on the toxicology report to come back to learn a cause of death. That could take 3 weeks to a month.

When asked if additional charges are expected, Parrinello said it is too soon to tell and if there are any, and that would be after that report comes out.