Snow days now mean school days later

Posted at: 01/30/2014 10:34 AM
Updated at: 01/30/2014 5:47 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

As this long cold winter continues, we are seeing it force students into class on days they and their parents thought were vacation days.

The Batavia City School District alerted parents that because they’ve already had four snow days, students and teachers have to make up that time when they thought they would be home. One of the new days of school is the Monday after Easter.

The district put the notice on its website.  It says the district has used four snow and emergency days. So that means every teacher and student has to be back in school on Friday May 23. And because two schools, John Kennedy and Jackson School were closed for another day in December, they are now in session on April 21, the day after Easter. News10NBC talked to several parents off camera who say that day is going to affect family plans. Other parents are just kind of dealing with it. >

John Veitch, Batavia school parent, said, “I just saw it this morning. My wife and I were talking about it and we were not surprised. We kind of saw it coming.”

The Batavia City School District Superintendent declined to talk with News10NBC. So News10NBC went to nearby Byron-Bergen School District to understand how schools get into this position.

Superintendent Casey Kosiorek says the state mandates 180 school days between September and June. Most districts, including Byron-Bergen, put in five cushion days. They usually call them superintendent conference days.

Casey Kosiorek, Byron-Bergen CSD Superintendent, said, “Once we've exhausted those five snow days, we then have to make those days up by bringing students in on those superintendent's conference days that were planned. So we're in a good place. We have three left, but I also think this is going to be a long winter.

Now Batavia isn't alone. Pavilion has used all five of their snow days. If they use one more, they'll have kids back in class on Spring Break. Most of the district News10NBC contacted say they've used one to three snow days, so they still have some wiggle room. 

Here's what Batavia CSD Superintendent Chris Dailey wrote to parents:

District Calendar Changes Due to Emergency Closings

BCSD Community:

I have received numerous inquiries about the status of our District Calendar for the remainder of this year.  Here is where we are as of today:

We have used 4 snow/emergency days district wide (January 7, 8, 27 and 28).  Thus, all district students, teachers and staff (JAX, JK, MS and HS) will be in attendance on Friday, May 23, 2014 to make up a day based upon the Board of Education adopted, District Calendar Committee endorsed, District Calendar.   

We will move the early dismissal/Superintendent Conference day from May 22 to May 23, as well.

Since both JAX and JK were out an additional emergency closing day on December 7th, JAX and JK teachers, students and staff will be required to be in attendance on April 21, 2014 in order to have the NYSED required 180 days.  This was the next day agreed upon by the District Calendar Committee.

I am hopeful that this will be the last of our need for these type of days this year. 

We have contacted several school districts to see what they're doing. 

Pavilion Central School District says it has used all of its built in snow/emergency days. If they have one more then school will be in session the first day (Monday) of spring break. Pavilion CSD says this is listed in the district calendar issued to parents at the beginning of the year. 

Caledonia-Mumford CSD has only used one snow day this year. 

Avon CSD has only used one snow day this year.