Man hit and killed by car in Webster

Posted at: 01/30/2014 4:13 PM
Updated at: 01/30/2014 9:52 PM

Holt Road in Webster is reopened Thursday night, after Emergency crews were on the scene of a deadly car vs. pedestrian crash...

Police say a 77-year-old man was walking southbound on Holt Road near Schoolmaker and Klem Roads, when he was struck and killed by a car traveling northbound. Police say the car had veered off the road, hit several trees and went down an embankment. 

The female driver has not been ticketed right now, but that may change pending the investigation. 

Police are investigating a number of things. They still don't know how fast the driver was traveling. They are looking into speed. They will also be looking into whether or not drugs and alcohol may have been involved and if the driver may have been on her cell phone.