Local Russian excited about Winter Olympics in Sochi

Posted at: 02/06/2014 7:52 PM
Updated at: 02/06/2014 7:53 PM

All eyes are on Sochi and that includes local Russians. They are watching with vested interest as their country hosts its first Olympics since the 1980 Summer Games.

News10NBC caught up with one Russian living in Rochester who admitted he’s excited and nervous for the games to begin. 

It’s been nine years since Gleb Borisov lived in his hometown of Moscow, but he and the rest of his Russian friends in Rochester are hoping his native country puts on a good show this week in Sochi. 

Gleb Borisov said, “It's biggest since the last Olympics and first since the Soviet Union collapsed.”

Sochi, Russia is located on the coast of the Black Sea. Its population is about 350,000, but it is a destination for tourists with four million visitors a year.

Gleb Borisov’s home was a two-day train ride north of Sochi, but he’s visited the resort area during the summer about a decade ago, before all the building and preparations began for this month’s games.

Borisov said, “I've heard there's been quite a bit of construction and a lot of companies coming from Moscow doing all the building sand various hotels and new roads and the railroad.”

Some reports this week indicate the building of the hotels still aren’t complete. Reporters have said their rooms were still under construction forcing them to find other accommodations. 

This kind of problem pales in comparison to the threats of terrorist plots leading up to the games. A feeling Borisov says is not widespread and is more the exception.

Borisov said, “The purpose of the Olympics is to bring people together and prevent warfare. This would be a great opportunity to bring all the nations together and compete in sports.”

As for any predictions, Borisov is fairly confident.

Borisov said, “They will win some gold medals, maybe not first top place. I'm hoping top three.”

Borisov says some of his friends will be attending some of the hockey events in person.