Mayor reacts after we learn man arrested in federal drug bust is city employee

Posted at: 02/12/2014 10:45 AM
Updated at: 02/12/2014 6:31 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

The man arrested in the largest cocaine bust ever in the Rochester area is a snow plow driver for the City of Rochester. Christopher Kendrick is in federal custody today. A law enforcement source confirmed for News10NBC that Kendrick works in the Department of Environmental Services. 

Today we learned more information about Kendrick.

He has worked for the City of Rochester since 1996. The mayor says he started as a seasonal worker in '96 and was hired full time in 2004. Both times the mayor says he was subject to a full background check. Mayor Warren says Kendrick did things like cut grass, plow snow and collect garbage. Mayor Warren says Kendrick is "still technically" a city employee. We're checking to see what that means for his paycheck. In other words, if he is still technically an employee is he still technically getting paid?

The mayor says there is an internal investigation regarding Kendrick.

Mayor Warren says the city was notified of Kendrick's arrest the day after it happened. Kendrick was arrested on February 4th.

"I am really surprised. He has been an employee with the City of Rochester since 1996. We are researching his employment record," Mayor Warren said. "Shocked. But the police department and the DEA have to do what they have to do. We will fully cooperate with their investigation and whatever information we can provide we definitely will.

Brean: Were there any concerns raised by his supervisors or managers at all that they would have expressed to City Hall?
Mayor Lovely Warren: At this point in time, from what I know and this of course is very new, he was a great employee. We didn't have any issues with him. But we're going back to look at the record and a lot of that we will be able to determine.

Brean: Do you have any concern that he would have been distributing drugs or involved in that kind of trade, that he's accused of being involved in, while he was on the clock?
Mayor Lovely Warren: I don't want to speculate. I have not heard of that. But I'm pretty sure that the DEA has done their due diligence and they will inform us of what actions we need to take as a city based on their investigation. So we'll wait to get information from them before we make any decisions or speculate on what might have happened on his work time.