Greater Rochester International Airport starting to return to normal following east coast snowstorm

Posted at: 02/14/2014 7:16 PM
Updated at: 02/14/2014 7:18 PM
By: Lia Lando

News10NBC wanted to update you on flight cancelations.  News10NBC has been tracking them all week at the Rochester airport. It’s all because of the snowstorm in the south. Thousands of flights canceled, stranding passengers.

Most flights are back to normal now. Of course, all of these delays and cancelations come during a busy travel time. Many families hoping to get away for February break.

This week's massive snowstorm caused major airports from New York to Atlanta to close. More than 6,500 flights were canceled Thursday leaving thousands of would-be travelers very frustrated.

If you are going away for winter break and you have a plane to catch, make sure you check the website before you head to the airport to see if your plane is delayed or canceled.

Katie Lilly at Carpe Diem Travel Agency says February through April is the busy time of year for travelers in the roc city, looking to escape the cold and snow. She recommends you get travelers’ insurance because there is the potential for storms to delay your trip.

Lilly said, “Atlanta airport is just starting to get some flights out and get flights in which is a good thing with the weekend coming up and a lot of travel happening up here in the Rochester area. We recommend they get travel insurance especially this time of year because if they do lose a couple of days on their vacation, at least, they'll be reinvested for the days they didn't use.”

Lilly says this time of year prices are higher because so many people are traveling. That’s another reason to get insurance. Another good tip is get to the airport early because so many people are flying out.

Lilly says top destinations this time of year are Florida especially Disney, the Caribbean and Mexico.