Thank You Berry Much!

Updated at: 02/13/2014 12:41 PM
By: Networx

Photo: Market Manager/FlickrBerries are packed with antioxidants and delicious flavor, make great jams and jellies, and are hard to beat in a pie or eaten straight out of hand. You could pick them up at the store, but did you know that most are super-easy to grow in a range of climates? Position them strategically and they'll even create great Dallas fencing in addition to a delicious source of snacks.

What do you need to know about berries? Now is the time to plant bare root bushes, so there should be tons in stock at the local nursery. They tend to like rich, well-drained soil and ample mulching to help them retain water. Consider blueberries, raspberries, or even blackberries (careful, they can take over if you don't stay on top of them!) for your garden this year...and enjoy the taste of fresh-picked summer fruit in 2015!

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